Selection and use of literature according to the different abilities and interests of students from grades 7 to 12. Critical analysis of literature for adolescents. Study of the problems and objectives to be developed. Practice in preparing a reading class.

Theoretical and practical course regarding the teaching and learning processes. Studies aspects related to the teaching of English in the elementary school: planning, education, and curriculum; basic content in this area of specialization; preparation, adaptation, and utilization of resources; methodologies, teaching techniques and strategies; and fundamentals of evaluation and measurement.

Study and analysis of school and classroom cultures with emphasis on the adaptation and use of teaching and learning resources, organization, planning, teachers’ responsibility towards students, co-workers, school, and community.

This course integrates the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing while developing student’s vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Fonética y fonémica del inglés de los Estados Unidos y entonación. Durante el semestre, se presta atención especial al inglés oral y a aquellos aspectos del inglés que presentan dificultad a los estudiantes de habla española. Transcripción fonética y práctica de laboratorio.